Welcome Friends! I am Mistress Shalimar, a practitioner of magick, but not just any magick, my preferred discipline is what might loosely be termed SEX MAGICK.
Sex is a natural part of life, sensuality and eroticism are integral parts of the human psyche. For too long, in many societies, these aspects have been suppressed and made to seem 'dirty' or 'bad'. Sex has been pushed into the 'dark', something to be hidden away, secretive, guilt and angst ridden.

The energy generated by sexual or erotic acts is great, harnessed, focused and guided by the Will of the practitioner, this energy has significant power to create magick. Anyone can harness this generated energy. There are organized Orders like Thelema or the OTO who use sex as integral parts of their higher order rituals, and then there are those practitioners who use their individual energies for personal rituals.

All ritual in fact is, in my opinion, somewhat erotic, even when the actual sex act is not present. Most religions strive to bring their members into a state of bliss through the organized ritual, all glorious pomp designed to create a build up of ecstatic feelings, in some verging on the orgasmic. Organized worship in many religions engenders virtual orgiastic ecstasy, for an example, think of what some call 'holy rollers'. The build up of emotions during their sessions of worship bring participants into an actual altered state of spiritual consciousness.

I have started this blog to discuss all levels and forms of what loosely falls under the term 'sex magick'. Western esoteric orders and Eastern philosophies, I'll touch on aspects of both, and hopefully persuade you to bring a bit of magick into your everyday life, to mold it for the better, without guilt, without fear, without condemnation. Love is the way.
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